Maintenance – Forgive and Help us to Forgive, and Please Save us From all Forms of Evil

Ah, the Lord’s Prayer.

This is is the second-to last in a series of entries, and as in those prior (and the last to come), my hope is that you may join me to just sit, soak and soar together, and knit our hearts closer and closer to our most wonderful Gardener.


Oh Father, in Your proven kindness and mercy look upon us, and with tender pity forgive us for all the things we do wrong. And Papa we mess up so much! We mess up on our own, in ourselves and with others! We need You! We need Your Spirit to guide us! Show us Papa what Your forgiveness looks like, and what it looks like to forgive for us to do the same so that we can be free, free as we choose to do the same over and over, free from the poison and weight and chains of unforgiveness. Father, fill our depths with the full knowledge of the utter scale and deepest depth of Your grace and relief offered for us, of Your eternal heart that beats with never-ending love for us! Help us to be merciful and forgiving of those who wrong us, who irritate us, who grieve us, so that Your mercy and Truth and Your restorative justice wins over bitterness, judgement and condemnation – and transforms the earth!

Help me to live in your atmosphere of tender love so that I drop all the extra carry-on baggage of my personal issues, all my pretense, my pride and ego, my ugliest of the most foul parts of my thought patterns and actions and habits, and work instead in cooperation with You, and your Spirit. Oh Father, have mercy and forgive me when I do wrong – deliberately in stupid rebellion (I mean, honestly!) and when I don’t have my wits about me, and help me to recognize and be merciful and forgive others, for sin is sin no matter the measure. Help me to push past the temptation to hold it against my offender and to look down on them as if I’m better than them (!!), to be instead tender and forgiving, to hope in the best, and to leave their transformation in Your hands and care. Help me as I struggle with leaving their transformation in Your hands.

Protection in the Lord

Spare us all from the bad things that might happen to us, and from the stress and pressure that comes when we’re under trial and crushing worldly burdens. In these moments especially, I have absolutely no confidence in my abilities, nor even in my reserves of faith, for they will never be enough without Your Presence and constant care. Protect us from circumstances that threaten to destroy even an iota of who we are as Your children, for there is not one of us who can, in our own humanness, in our own power, overcome them.

And Papa, keep me from wandering off to the bright lights, the decoys, the traps and tricks that tempt me away from You. Keep me focused and alert to the triggers and lures, discerning and wise to the methods of the one who seeks my destruction above all else, in circumstance and in heinously using me and others to do his dirty work, his evil. He hates me because I love You. Keep me alert to all his sneaky, snakey and despicable ways. Save me and set me on higher ground. And if it’s Your will, be in my outstretched hands to pull others up with me.

Your strength, Papa, is perfected in my life precisely in and through my weaknesses. When I am weak, and Papa that is often!, somehow, I manage to get through the circumstance that would otherwise crush me. That has to be You! It is in this atmosphere of faith in You and Your Plan that I wish to live – hopeful faith, that hope that never ever disappoints!

Soil and Seed

The Character of the Gardener

th-4I don’t know about you, but it brings me great peace and pleasure to see a garden beautifully landscaped. I enjoy strolling through the cheerful exuberance of an English cottage garden as much as I do the quiet and disciplined formal grounds. I marvel at the astonishing variety of unique shapes, sizes, colors and textures woven together in a tapestry of breath-taking beauty. There is a feeling of wholeness, of roundedness, of fullness that sinks deep into my bones and innermost, washing away all trace of anxiousness and disquiet.

I marvel too at the skill and dedication of the gardener. How is it that he or she knows what goes where to get the most of the sun or shade, what is planted when, what seedling is weed or flower? From where does the knowledge and experience come to know how to protect from pests, to allow something to remain undisturbed as it goes to seed, or to exercise the extraordinary patience to nurture each plant to its fullest and most beautiful bloom? Which fertilizer nourishes which plant the best? Why do tulips bloom best when they are planted this far down in the soil? How do they know how and where to cut lettuce so that it continues to yield a crop? What is the best technique for pruning a dogwood? They seem to connect with every detail in the complexity of gardening. They are horticultural maestros. Seed whisperers, I call them.

I’m no such maestro, largely because I get anxious and impatient. I anticipate and relish the lush, and my keen undertakings to encourage its realization tend to snuff any future th-12prospect. At best, I tend to oscillate between calm diligence, and eager hurried haste, whether in the garden, or in life. Sometimes I overwater, then underwater in anticipation of what I think the plant must need. Sometimes I fertilize when it’s been weeks since the shoot sprouted with no sign of visible growth, often over-fertilizing and burning its tender leaves and roots. Sometimes I yank it out altogether before it’s even had a chance. Sometimes I honestly forget, preoccupied with what’s happening in my life at that moment, even ignoring its withering to favor procrastination and the consequence of neglect appears. Perhaps a mental picture of my garden is coming into focus! Many a seedling has quivered in fear at the prospect of receiving such distracted, scattered and unreliable attention!  If potted perennials could sprout legs and run, there’d be a stampede to freedom beyond my garden’s gate! It’s in all too often times like these that I gather all the strength within me, take a deep breath, deny the cacophony of contradicting advice, and allow myself to relax and take pleasure. Curiously, when I do, there is newfound joy and discovery. You’d think I’d do it more often!

My immature gardener’s character is mellowing. Hopefully.

The character of the Master Gardener, though, is fully mature. Like any superb gardener, He is fully experienced, consistent and persistent. He knows what he is doing. He has a plan. A very good plan. He is The Expert Landscaper and Soil Specialist. He is always filled with eager and ingenuous creativity and lavish joy, focused on His clear and strong vision of coming splendour in His sights as He prunes or uproots, th-14clears for a new plot, transplants or fertilizes, or whispers life into the seed that He tenderly plants and affectionately waters. He is never frustrated, never complains. He is forgiving, looking upon missteps as possibility for fresh starts and new growth. He is reliable and thoroughly relishes what He is doing. He has a sharp eye, a kind heart, and a strong determination to see His project through to its end, persistently training climbers to climb, creepers to creep, and tare roots to relinquish their hold on the lush soil. There is nothing that escapes His notice, and He has a clear view, grasp and control of every detail in the interconnecting vista before him. He is The Horticultural Maestro.  Oh the relief!

It has been said that the activity of gardening has a positive effect on us, and can help transform us into better people. I like that, don’t you? I believe the Master Gardener knows it, likes it, and wills it for us too.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29: 11 (NIV)


Soil and Seed