Maintenance – Forgive and Help us to Forgive, and Please Save us From all Forms of Evil

Ah, the Lord’s Prayer.

This is is the second-to last in a series of entries, and as in those prior (and the last to come), my hope is that you may join me to just sit, soak and soar together, and knit our hearts closer and closer to our most wonderful Gardener.


Oh Father, in Your proven kindness and mercy look upon us, and with tender pity forgive us for all the things we do wrong. And Papa we mess up so much! We mess up on our own, in ourselves and with others! We need You! We need Your Spirit to guide us! Show us Papa what Your forgiveness looks like, and what it looks like to forgive for us to do the same so that we can be free, free as we choose to do the same over and over, free from the poison and weight and chains of unforgiveness. Father, fill our depths with the full knowledge of the utter scale and deepest depth of Your grace and relief offered for us, of Your eternal heart that beats with never-ending love for us! Help us to be merciful and forgiving of those who wrong us, who irritate us, who grieve us, so that Your mercy and Truth and Your restorative justice wins over bitterness, judgement and condemnation – and transforms the earth!

Help me to live in your atmosphere of tender love so that I drop all the extra carry-on baggage of my personal issues, all my pretense, my pride and ego, my ugliest of the most foul parts of my thought patterns and actions and habits, and work instead in cooperation with You, and your Spirit. Oh Father, have mercy and forgive me when I do wrong – deliberately in stupid rebellion (I mean, honestly!) and when I don’t have my wits about me, and help me to recognize and be merciful and forgive others, for sin is sin no matter the measure. Help me to push past the temptation to hold it against my offender and to look down on them as if I’m better than them (!!), to be instead tender and forgiving, to hope in the best, and to leave their transformation in Your hands and care. Help me as I struggle with leaving their transformation in Your hands.

Protection in the Lord

Spare us all from the bad things that might happen to us, and from the stress and pressure that comes when we’re under trial and crushing worldly burdens. In these moments especially, I have absolutely no confidence in my abilities, nor even in my reserves of faith, for they will never be enough without Your Presence and constant care. Protect us from circumstances that threaten to destroy even an iota of who we are as Your children, for there is not one of us who can, in our own humanness, in our own power, overcome them.

And Papa, keep me from wandering off to the bright lights, the decoys, the traps and tricks that tempt me away from You. Keep me focused and alert to the triggers and lures, discerning and wise to the methods of the one who seeks my destruction above all else, in circumstance and in heinously using me and others to do his dirty work, his evil. He hates me because I love You. Keep me alert to all his sneaky, snakey and despicable ways. Save me and set me on higher ground. And if it’s Your will, be in my outstretched hands to pull others up with me.

Your strength, Papa, is perfected in my life precisely in and through my weaknesses. When I am weak, and Papa that is often!, somehow, I manage to get through the circumstance that would otherwise crush me. That has to be You! It is in this atmosphere of faith in You and Your Plan that I wish to live – hopeful faith, that hope that never ever disappoints!

Soil and Seed


Enjoyment – Grant Us Only What We Really Need for the Present

The Lord’s Prayer. What a simply beautiful and beautifully simple prayer. 

This is part of a series of entries, and as in those prior (and the two to come), my hope is that you may join me to just sit, soak and soar together, and knit our hearts closer and closer to our most wonderful Gardener.


He gives food to those who trust Him.jpgPapa, you are so extravagantly generous! Please give us today what we need for today, and keep us from missing the glory that is this day! And thank you Father! I just know deep in my innermosts that Your storehouses are simply overflowing with Your loving and lavish abundance, and that You delight to fulfill all Your promises of provision for every one of us – and then even favour us even more! Oh Papa, You just so delight in us! Help us to claim everything that You have promised us, and that Your Son, our Saviour, has opened the way to! Abba, You know our every need even before we even think to ask! You know too what we don’t need, so please keep it away from us, keep it far from harming the goal of your fulfillment for each of us.

Abba, You bless us so much! You bless us with what we see, what we cannot see, what we have yet to see, and with what we have come to take for granted! Oh Papa! I don’t ever want to take Your Love, Your goodness and kindness – your Heart – for granted!

You are the Father of extraordinary, beyond-imagination abundance. You are King of all there every was, is, and ever will be. You are Eminent and Excellence, worthy of all our respect and honour; the most elevated Monarch. Yet, your fierceness is protective; your jealousy safeguarding. I know that you look tenderly upon me as I dare to bound up in your lap, to dare to touch your throne of Grace. I am your child. I am welcome in your Throne Room at any time. Papa, I want it to always be in a posture of joyful awe and reverence! I know that I can dare to ask you to provide for me and all Your children everything we could possibly need for this day, and you willeverything inwardly and outwardly. You will – for our spirits and souls, and minds and hearts and bodies, for each of us uniquely, and for all of us, for the greater and greatest Good. For you, Father, are in your very nature are just so Good.

Thank you, Papa. Thank you so much.

Soil and Seed


Enjoyment – Your Kingdom Come, and Perfect Will May it Be Done!

The Lord’s Prayer. What a simply beautiful and beautifully simple prayer. I’ve been studying it, allowing myself to sink deeper and deeper into the power of its every word strung together like fine jewels. 

(Last week and) for the next series of entries, I want to open up the treasure that is this little prayer, and deposit my humble words of awe and tribute. My hope is that you may join me to just sit, soak and soar together, and knit our hearts closer and closer to our most wonderful Gardener.


Oh Father! Make Your most splendid Kingdom’s way to come and replace all our little ‘kingdoms’: all our idols and rules and benchmarks and self-absorbed and self-serving models; all our yardsticks of performance and expectations that we create in our own name and our own image. Bring them under Your rule, Abba.

Make Your impeccable way to come in and soak and overtake my heart, overtake all our hearts and minds and spirits and souls and bodies. Break up all the innocuous, all the hefty destructive patterns within us and around us, and keep us sensitive, mindful, wise and avoidant of their ploys, plying and schemes, of their cloaked lures.

God's Way is PerfectMake Your most perfect desire and will to come in and define me Papa, in this family, in this home, on this street, in this community and city and country, in this global family. Make it to come in all our places of work and rest and play – in every corner of our minds and in every drop of our days. Make Your strength to bring Your fullness and complete health to all of us in our spirits and so our bodies. Make us as beacons that sing, shine and cast the warmth of your light far and wide! Oh Father, empower us so we may we have the courage and strength to stand, and to stand victorious against the ways of this world; to kneel before You when we find it hard to stand; to be humble and mannered as is becoming children of the loving King, and act in grace as we live, and lead by our living. May we rightly tend all Your Creation – this beautiful earth and all upon it – so the glory of Your heavenly will be done here on this spectacular sparkling globe!

Yes, help us Papa, to think and act smack-dab in the breeze and flow of Your will, Your will for the very best-ever for us that is beyond our wildest imaginations of utter fulfillment. Help us, help our spirits to partner with your Spirit – your very Heart that is connected to our own innermosts. Help us to break free of worldly constraints, to resist them with growing ease by Your strength suffused in us, and follow only You! Make us Your hands and feet and lips and hearts so that we may be Your messengers; messengers that live out the Truth of your Love that sweeps up this world and sets it ablaze with yearning and passion for You.

Oh yes, Father! Make Your Kingdom to come to rule in the place of all our kingdoms, and make Your will to be done in all ways – always!

Soil and Seed